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There are many things in which i do not understand. for example; life, evolution, aliens... things which people wonder over for years & will never come to a conclusion over.
but.. there are two things which trouble me (personally) even more so... scat & necrophelia. i... i don't get it. now.. i've tried to be open minded about these things. i've spent time thinking about why someone would actually comit these acts.
for a start.. scat. now, i know different people enjoy different things. whatever floats your boat. i can understand things like... S&M. the whole feeling of dominance & power. but.. with scat, i cannot for the love of god understand it in the slightest. i cannot see why anybody would want to experience that. i can't. i don't see how even the most open minded person can create a logical explanation for this.
& the only explanation i could think of for necrophilia is that maybe the person doing the act is very lonely & can't get a girlfriend. but that explanation went out of the window when i took into consideration, the services men & women can now purchase from the streets. as in prostitution. & if not... the services we can purchase from sex shops. think about it... a person will get as much action & movement out of a inflatable doll, as they will a corpse. there will be no movement. they're not living things. so... why not just use an inflatable doll? it's more... socially accepted in this day & age & also, there's a less chance of it smelling bad. you're probably less likely to catch a disease from a doll, too. so i can't think of a reasonable explanation for necropheliaism, either.
i'm just stuck... completely. there's no conclusion. no logical explanation. & i know it might be a distasteful topic for discussion, but it does actually really bother me. i guess i should take on the 'live & let live' perspective. but i can't. i cannot actually get my head round these things. it turns my stomache & bothers me an unnatural amount.
i can't even find these things funny. people laugh about scat. i can't. because it puzzles me. they say you're scared of the unknown & i agree. i do find these things scary. not only because i don't understand them, but also because, let's face it... it's fucking vulgar. it takes a very unwell mind.
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