desperateicon (desperateicon) wrote,

i keep thinking about you. those mornings, & recalling how perfect & peaceful you looked with the muted light through the curtains giving your shoulders a warm, red glow. just seeing it in my mind breaks me, & i will always be able to see it clearly when i think of you. stirring in our shared warmth. we didn't care how we looked in the morning. how we sounded. how we smelt. i'd usually stir before you & leaning over to kiss you, in your sleepy state you'd just smile, & your lips would whisper a 'love you'. truth is, at that moment, the world could have been falling apart piece by piece, but it didn't concern me, because the piece i was mostly concerned about falling away was there, running his fingers across my shoulder & in the notches of my spine as i lay my head on his chest. you were always the best way to wake up, & fall asleep. despite how uncomfortable it sometimes was to get to sleep, with elbows in our sides & legs intertwining to fit into your single bed. although frustratingly hot in the summer months, there was always something more personal about that bed. because we couldn't escape one another. even if we wanted to, which i know at times there were. fitting tightly into that bed seemed to bring us closer again, even in the times we were seperate of mind & intention.
you remember how perfect it was... right?
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