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wish me luck

so i decided at some point this summer to give further education another go. i regretably messed up my last couple of chances, but since then i really feel i've grown up alot, & from experiencing different working environments, & long term, full time work, i have seen things from both sides.
i really feel this is what i want & need in my life, so i decided to have a look at courses in clearing, & found art & design foundation at bolton university. the one year there.. then if i do well i can head off for a 3 or 4 year course at a university elsewhere. so today i called & arranged my interview, which is tomorrow at 11AM.
i need luck. alot of it. i don't have any previous qualifications. only my GCSE's. so i'm praying my portfolio is good enough. i WANT this. so bad.
so work have let me go early tonight. not only was it deadly quiet, but they know i want to add some finishing touches to my portfolio.

i feel i could start using this again.
so yes. well wishes please!
i PRAY my portfolio is good enough.
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